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Scotland Welcomes All

Ben Macpherson  September 5th 2018   It’s been another superb and highly successful summer for our city, where once again Edinburgh has hosted world-class cultural activity and underlined itself as a world-class place to visit, work, study and perform. Once again our city has welcomed the world to enjoy our famous Scottish hospitality and experience the...

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An Innovative State of Mind

by Ben Macpherson. Published September 18th 2018 Leith has always had its own vibe – something different and dynamic. Something naturally energetic and engaging. Something distinctive from the more traditional feeling of Edinburgh city centre. As another Leither columnist, Sandy Campbell, puts it so well: “Leith is a state of mind.” And when it...

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Potential demolition of 106-164 Leith Walk / Stead’s Place development proposals

By Ben Macpherson  Published March 13th 2018   I share local concerns about the potential demolition of 106-164 Leith Walk, home to some very vibrant local businesses and community organisations, and development of the Stead’s Place site. I am particularly concerned about plans to demolish the current frontage and that the developer’s proposals disproportionately favour student accommodation,...

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When the Snow Melts

By Ben Macpherson March 2018 As the snow thawed and the shop shelves filled up again, there was a palpable sense of solidarity in Leith in the aftermath of the #BeastFromTheEast. Communities shovelled streets together and volunteers gathered to clear school playgrounds. People got messages for their neighbours and helped each other along the...

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